Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coker Students honored at Academic Awards Banquet

One of the highlights of the Coker College Academic year is the Academic Awards Banquet. Actually, we have almost a month of Wednesdays of Award Banquets for athletic academics, academics, leadership and others. The ACADEMIC AWARDS last night were great!

The Top 10 of this year's senior class were recognized and I got to sit with a couple of them. One, Paul Smith, is a member of the night class and he actually finished in December and just got a promotion in his job with the Department of Social Services. The other top 10 include: Shelly Catlett, Lindsay Crighton, Julie Hanlin, Aaron Huntley, Shivas Vadakumpuram Jayaram, Lynn Rawls, Paul Smith, Laura South, Cassidy Spencer and Shannon Townley. In addition, the individual departments also honored their number one students.

Our communication department had four people involved in the Awards and we were quite proud of that representation. Cassidy and Lindsay are both communication majors and Stacie Fields, a dance and communication major won the Department of Dance, Music and Musical Theater award and Jessica Barnes was named a Junior Marshall. They are in the photo on this page with Dr. Lellis.

This is Dr. Dawson's last Academic Awards Banquet and I am hopin the video of his closing remarks works for this blog post.

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