Tuesday, November 13, 2012

James Sweeney featured in NCAA on campus video


Just really enjoyed a video of James Sweeney about his soccer experience and his experience as a 4.0 mathematics major in an NCAA On Campus video. Really good stuff and I think others will enjoy it too. James is our Coker College starting goalie -- at least he was during his four years on the soccer pitch for Coker.

Here is the message from Chris Dougherty of Coker Sports Media Relations concerning this video:

Chris Dougherty
5:15 PM (13 hours ago)

to students-l, faculty-l, staff-l, adjuncts-l
Good evening,

James Sweeney, a senior soccer player, is featured in the latest
edition of NCAA On Campus, an online video segment that profiles the
top student-athletes and inspirational stories across the country.
Produced by Lee Nassau, of DL Images, the video follows Sweeney's
journey as a four-year starter as Coker's goalie, along with his
success in the classroom as a 4.0 mathematics major. It features
interviews with Sweeney, head coach Paul Leese, assistant professor of
mathematics Paul Dostert, soccer teammates Noah Lascell and Mark
Nankervis, and an introduction by dual-sport athlete Kelley Godbout.

The link to the story is below. It can also be seen on our YouTube channels.

Please be sure to check it out and congratulate James on his fine



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