Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good questions from potential new student

A great thing about our Coker College learning community being situated in the middle of the small cityhthttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif ohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giff Hartsville, SC are the serendipitous happenings. Coach Muns of the women's soccer team was leaving Bizzels with a potential recruit recently when he stopped to introduce her. She'd had a relatively long drive in that day and they had just finished supper. I was heading to the Midnight Rooster for an iced Americano.

She is interested in marketing and at this time business marketing. So we had a quick talk about Coker academics there in downtown Hartsville. How is the marketing curriculum was one question. Melinda Norris, who teaches a lot of the Business marketing, would, I think have been happy with the answer. And, for some communication department promotion, I also mentioned the way things like Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Public Relations Writing and some of other courses could also supplement what she picked up in the business courses. That led to another question. What about double majoring, can I do that too?

A double major leads to a discussion she will want to have with an advisor at a later time. There is a simple answer. Yes, you can double major and many students do, even athletes. But the question of should a student double major involves lots of other questions and is one of those issues best answered with an advisor who can have access to a bigger picture. Double majors, while a great academic development strategy, can often lead to some frustration as both majors offer "Must have" courses at the same time during a day -- making it hard for students to schedule. These are often bumps that can be smoothed but are among the considerations when looking into that strategy.

Anyway, we got to the easy answers in the serendipitous meeting in the middle of downtown and I think that gave her a sense that when she NEEDS the more complex guidance she could find it at Coker. That was an assurance that Coach had already made and getting it reinforced seemed good for the prospect.

A real interesting part of the Coker College learning community is being able to have these important serendipitous conversations, sometimes right in the middle of downtown Hartsville.

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