Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seth Godin demands that you "poke the box"

Seth Godin has a new book that is entitled POKE THE BOX. Godin calls this book a manifesto to get people out of their own personal boxes and in a mental position to "start something." He wants people to understand they have much more potential than they will allow themselves to believe.

He hates the idea that so many of us wait around to "get picked." He says that in today's world there is no reason to wait around to get picked. He makes it clear that we can choose ourselves and make things happen. One of his aphorisms is the idea that "he who fails the most generally wins." That makes me think of a friend, former Coker College student and published author -- Donnie Quist. He had a book and he wanted it published. He did not wait to get picked. He used the innovation of Kickstarter and LET ME MAKE YOU A SANDWICH is in the public realm. Had Donnie waited around to be picked he would probably still be unpublished. Seth Godin would like Donnie Quist's story.

Do not pick up this manifesto if you want to continue believing that other people limit you ability to make things happen in this world. Don't pick up this manifesto if you believe that doing what you are told well is all you need to achieve success. Do not look for this extended lecture if you believe the status quo is the way to go. Because, if you believe those things, Godin is going to make you uncomfortable.

Godin is a vision thinker and his books are like a half-time talk for those who feel it is their job to make a difference in this world. I recommend that if you are one who wants to make a difference Godin's book will help ignite that passion to making a start.

Okay, quit reading and start something, NOW.

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