Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready to leave Nairobi for Muhuru

It is a little after 8 a.m. -- means about 1:20 east coast US time -- and we are getting ready to leave the Upperhill Country Lodge on Bishops Road in Nairobi for a seven-hour drive to Muhuru Bay. I did spend time thinking about enjoying the shower this morning as Eve reminded me this could be the last of those for the next several days. There is pouring water in Muhuru Bay but no running water, she says.

It has been interesting being in the motel and being connected by email and even able to write a blog post from so many thousands of miles away. Interesting because I did learn that the paperwork I thought I turned in for a course to be offered in the Fall didn't make it -- but we are going to offer Principles of Public Relations -- and it will be on the schedule -- so communication majors save me three hours. But, the fact that I could know and that I could make some attempts to get that paperwork circulating is interesting.

Last night I met Joseph, who owns a car service. He has been helping Eve and lots of other people get between Muhuru Bay and other places in Kenya since her second visit here in 2008. It is her research on the implementation of an HIV/AIDS preventive program that gets her here and that I am looking forward to seeing first hand.

Hoping my Kindle recharges so that I can read some of those books I downloaded. I have had it since Christmas and never had to charge it and then it ran out of a full charge while flying yesterday. Lots of other little things and they are the types of things that are going to make this sabbatical trip both interesting and educational.

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