Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre Season begins for Soccer

Pretty early this morning there were a lot of girls outside the gym. Turns out today was the first day or pre-season for the Coker College soccer teams. The girls were getting ready for their two-mile qualifying run, which they were supposed to accomplish in under 16 minutes.

The preseason was a bit later than in the past because of a change in rules for NCAA Division II teams shortening the length of pre-season. Players did come back on Wednesday to get all of the preliminary jobs of moving in accomplished and they began practice today. I am thinking that in addition to men's and women's soccer the volleyball team and cross-country team might also be starting today. The players have their work cut out for them. As I write this post, temperatures are at about 95 for real and I don't even want to look at the heat index. Paul Leese coaches the men's team and Bethany Grass coaches the women's team for the Cobras.

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