Thursday, August 19, 2010

Convocation opens Coker's 2010 Academic Year

Still sweating as I sit here posting about the 2010 opening convocation at Coker College. The faculty sat on the stage tonight in front of the students and showing support behind our Academic Leaders and the Convocation speaker. The lights were just like stage lights are -- HOT. But, I think even though the faculty were all gowned in the Academic Regalia, they (we) survived.

Dr. Joseph Flaherty, a recent winner of the South Carolina Independent Colleges Teaching Award and an assistant professor of biology as well as Chair of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Coker, was the speaker.

His message to our "Academy" was on target as we are in the midst of efforts to Redefine "Ready" for our students, our faculty and our college. Joe's message was primarily to the students as he stressed the value and importance of "learning as much you can learn about as many different things as you can." He underlined the key value of a Coker College education -- the liberal arts, which provide our academic community with the continuous challenge of 'learning how to learn' for our rapidly changing society.

I particularly liked his three major points -- he urged our students: To explore;
To Pursue; and To Care! While Dr. Joe is sometimes a bit soft spoken his message of taking risks came through loud and clear to my ears. I hope our students, first year through fifth year put that admonition into action.

It is an exciting time to be part of the Coker College academic community.