Sunday, August 15, 2010

Orientation seems to be working at Coker College

Just finished an academic overview with two groups of first-year Coker College students and things seem to be right on track for this year's orientation activities. All the students I asked said they were enjoying the experience.

The first-year students moved in on Saturday morning and they had lots of help getting their stuff to the rooms. In fact, one of the surprising things for many parents is that when they stop by the dorms they are swarmed by people who gather the belongings from the car and get them to the room. The goal of the Coker move in team is that no parents or students have to move carry anything up the stairs. Parents and students probably wish this happened more than just the first move in. Most of Coker's sophomores, juniors and seniors return on Monday and Tuesday and they will be lugging their own stuff up the stairs to their rooms.

The excitement is building for the 2010 Academic year at Coker College.

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