Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shelli was the semester's first Morrie at Coker Seminar

I get the opportunity to teach the Coker Communication Senior Seminar and that is one of my classes this semester. One of the parts of this course is something I call Fridays with Morrie(not always on Friday and so far no Morrie) after Mitch Albom's book Tuesdays with Morrie. The objective is to get people the student might not normally know or run across and ask them to share ideas, thoughts, lessons, etc. with the class as they continue to prepare for what comes after Coker.

Our first Morrie visitor this semester is someone who seems at home when she is at Coker, Shelli Wilson. She is at home, though now instead of being the assistant admissions director she is a recruiter for Sonoco in Hartsville. Shelli visited with the students in that role of corporate recruiter. I think they know how fortunate they were to have her take so much time to join our seminar.

Shelli shared with the students ideas about finding a job. Now, when I talk about finding searching for a job they will listen but when Shelli shares with them the idea that the resume better be perfect, that you NEED to do research on the company before you apply, that you need to think about how you will dress -- they TAKE NOTICE. Shelli, after all, looks at job seekers for a living. Shelli's observations were worth way more than the cost of tuition for this particular class.

We are moving away from the job-search section of the Senior Seminar and from my perspective, Shelli Wilson provided some high-value advice to the seniors in this class. (Sonoco is a $4 billion+ company whose corporate headquarters are in Hartsville, where the company was founded in 1899 by the same visionary leader who founded Coker, Major James Lide Coker.)

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