Thursday, January 14, 2010

BONK is a hit on campus and Coker is a hit with BONK

The student affairs group at Coker College put together a fun list of activities for the first-week back at school. While I did try to iceless ice skating and could see how it might have been fun, I think I may have been a bit too heavy for the surface. I could walk in the skates but could not get a flow going. Discretion kicked in and I got off the "ice." The students got the knack and word was it was a hit.

Another activity that seemed to play well with the Coker students is a game show called BONK. The people running the game show commented on how much they enjoyed the Southern hospitality they received at Coker and we have photos around the campus of students enjoying the BONK game show.

The activities provided some fun ways for friends to reconnect after the Christmas/New Year holidays before drowning in the sea of work that comes in the first weeks of a new semester.

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