Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good news from a graduate on email today

One of our Coker grads just got promoted at a major bank. He is a person who will as far as he wants to go in life. I know he shared the good news of his promotion with several of my Coker colleagues. I don't know that he knows how good his news made everyone who got that email feel. Today is the first day of the semester. Receiving a quick note of Thanks on the first day of the semester is like getting upgraded from a mini van to a Porsche at the rental car counter. (Okay, bad simile but you get the drift.)

This is second semester and I get to teach our Communication Senior Seminar and I like to start the first day with thoughts of legacy -- many provided by Stephen Covey from his book THE EIGHTH HABIT. Demetrious was a business major, not a communication major but I got to know him on two mission trips he helped organize. Demetrious began his legacy while an undergrad and he provided a great example for me to use with the senior seminar today.

Coker is a launching pad for students who forge large legacies and make real differences in our communities and our world.

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