Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leaving 2009 for 2010

This is sort of a milestone year. I have been teaching full-time at Coker for 10 years now, even though most of the time it feels like I started yesterday. As I begin to write this end-of-year post, I wonder if there is a list of Top-Ten memories? It is not an easy question because this is a job that provides a host of great experiences semester by semester. Let's give it a try:

Top 10 Memories

1 -- (Getting the job)When Dr. Lellis told me I had the job. They had interviewed a professor with a Ph.D. the weekend before and even though I knew I had done a good job, I was (am) lacking that degree.

2 -- Hearing the president announce Master Professor on graduation day May 2004.

3 -- Mission trip to East St. Louis, Mississippi with Coker students to help in the rebuilding after Katrina. Those students are AWESOME!

4 -- The following summer with other students helping in the rebuild outside of New Orleans. We finally found the ice cream.

5 -- Having a discussion with Derek at Homecoming the year after he graduated. He was one of my first advisees.

6 -- Having a discussion with Alex about his experiences at law school and his passing the bar this past Fall when he was back from Homecoming.

7 -- The first senior seminar when we went to Lunch at Grigg's Grocery.

8 -- Watching four students from the class of 2004 come back to share their ideas with the Marcom class this past Fall.

9 -- Tiffany coming up after Mass Comm and asking what I knew about that plane that had flown into the building in NYC back in the Fall of 2001.

10 -- The joy on Maggie's face and in her voice when she told me she she had won the Fulbright.

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