Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finals --

Saturday morning and I was waiting for the first students to show up for the Speech Communication final wondering if maybe I had the wrong day. But, about five minutes before they began to arrive. A couple of hours later we began a different final for the Introduction to Mass Communication class. The students had a research paper so we decided to do the test final on the last day of class and use the final exam for a short presentation of what they discovered in their research. There were a variety of topics covered and I think the students found the topic selection interesting. About half way through the presentations, Tyler says, "what are the chances of us being done for lunch?" The answer was quit slim to none as we had more than ten presentation ahead of us. So, to stem the loss of learning from hunger pangs, we sent out for pizza. The pizza settled the hunger and focused the students on the presentations by their colleagues. It was a full exam time but it was interesting. The basketball players had to leave early because of an away game, which is why we began 30 minutes early. I wanted them to hear presentations beyond their own. Next week, more exams -- two on Monday.

The photo is a shot of a few of the students beginning to enjoy their pizza.

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