Friday, October 9, 2009

Faculty-Staff Softball Match Up at Coker College

There is a tradition that is starting (now in its fourth year, I believe) of a faculty/staff softball game in the early fall of the year. It is fun even though it can be sort of dangerous. The 2009 game is set to start in about two hours and while I have committed to play I am thinking maybe I should be committed for committing. Playing a game like softball one time a year is not all that bright when you are at an age when going up stairs you are accompanied by the timpani-sound of cracking knees. It is not all that smart when about the only throwing you do on a regular basis is paper into the trash can. It really isn't all that brilliant a choice when the only acceleration that is really left is what you can manage from your right foot on the gas pedal. That said, I am playing unless we are blessed with enough other faculty to catch, throw, hit and run the bases and letting me coach third or first in the one position that maybe a kid of my age can safely play. There are a couple of home run hitters on our faculty, hope they show for today's game or we may be invoking the ten-run rule.

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  1. sore today as expected and probably much of that comes from giving up two bottom of the ninth inning home runs to the staff team.