Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coker Feud asks -- Name a Character on Saved by the Bell

This is Homecoming Week at Coker College and I got the opportunity to play Family Feud as a member of the Senior Class team. My performance led to their very ugly defeat by just about the same 100 points that I did not score. What do you mean Horseshack is not a character on Saved by the Bell -- he was certainly a comic relief on WELCOME BACK KOTTER. Name a Denzel Washington movie. Okay, I know Denzel but I have no clue as to the movies. Some kind of hospital flick. (They me that one for John McQ of whatever.) My guess is that it is not likely I will be chosen any time soon for another game involving popular culture from now back to 1980. Truth is, Mason called because others were not able to make it. The Seniors presented the Family Feud and I would bet that anyone asked would tell you it was a fun time.

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