Friday, September 18, 2009

Open House today at Coker

It is always fun to be part of the Open House events for prospective students. These students and their parents are facing the important decision of choosing a college. When you are in those shoes it feels like a daunting decision; it is a daunting decision. That is one reason I really enjoy being part of these events because there is good feeling when prospective students and their parents come to campus and put Coker in their decision mix. For some of them choosing Coker will be the best decision. For some, the visit will mean they will choose to take Coker out of the mix. Either way, the visit to the campus is a great way to help make a more informed decision. And that leads me to another reason I like being part of the open house when the opportunity arises.

Our Admissions Staff at Coker works very hard to provide students and their parents with an authentic visit. What the visitors see when they come for the half day event is pretty much what they will experience when they come on campus for their college years.

Finally, I really enjoy these events because I get to spend some time with colleagues who I don't get to see in the press of daily classroom activities. Listening to colleagues talking about their Coker experiences, which always focus around students, is energizing.

The Coker Open House made this cloudy, drizzly day sunny,

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