Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coker Grad, Sonoco Designer Talks with Class

Marcos Sola talked with the Marketing Communication class at Coker on Thursday and his message hit the bulls eye from the instructor's (me) perspective. One of the instructional objectives I have for this class is that students be able to articulate an least an awareness of the workplace for marketing communication. Marcos furthered this goal. Two key messages from the instructor perspective -- 1) Make sure you take advantage of the learning opportunities in internships; 2) When you are an intern, be punctual and do work that helps solve problems. Students hear me say this but it really begins to mean something when someone only four years out of school gives them some real-world examples that this kind of thing is important.

Marcos was a Spanish major and a graphic design major at Coker, graduating in 2005. He was not in any of my classes, which is another reason I am really appreciative he took some of his time to discuss the importance of graphic design in the marketing communication process. At Sonoco, he works with Carolyn Johnson, who graduated from Coker as a graphic design major in the 80s.

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