Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alumn tells class about Marcom Job

Leah graduated from Coker College in 2004 and made her first return trip to the campus today (9-3-09) as a guest lecturer in the Coker College Marketing Communication class. Leah Wright Burkett resides with her husband in Charleston and made the early morning drive to talk with Coker students about her job, the agency she works for and the process of finding and adding value to organizations for which you work. As always, I am hoping members of the class got as much from this visit as I did. Leah provided some "real-world information" that directly tied to some of the concepts we have discussed in class about what marketing communication needs to provide for clients. In addition, her tips about the job hunt, about finding a way to make a difference for your client and your boss, and about how to find satisfaction from your work day were really invaluable. As an instructor it is tough for me to overemphasize the appreciation I have for those who are willing to take their time to share the real world with students.

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