Sunday, May 31, 2009

Travel does expand horizons

Truism in the headline does not take away the fundamental truth that getting somewhere you have never been or seeing somewhere you are through a different lens is a mind expanding experience. It has been fun the past few days viewing the photos from the
Coker College students, and even a professor or two, who have been on May Interim tours outside the U.S. One group of education students went to Greece. Another group of student went with Dr. Kenyon and Professor Bruce Douglas to Italy while a third group led by Don Mac Williams recently returned from Costa Rica. And, just today another group left the ground for England led by Dr. Knight and Professor Fields. A study abroad experience can be about a year of education for every week you are gone -- it can be that intense and that expanding. One of the conversations I really enjoy is sitting down with a student who has just returned and listening to their impressions. According to Facebook images, these groups had a good time along with their expanded learning experience.

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