Friday, May 29, 2009

Rolling Registration fun way to talk with new students

Students entering Coker for the first time have the opportunity to do what our Admissions Department calls Rolling Registration. That means that as they put in their deposit for the next semester Admissions will work to get them a faculty member, usually from their proposed major, who help them set up a schedule for their Fall classes. This morning I just had the opportunity to meet Dominique, who is going to be a Communication major. She is getting ready to graduate from North Central High tomorrow and is looking forward to beginning her college career. It would be my impression that she is more excited now as she is looking forward to a specific schedule of course work and she knows what the courses are going to be and when they are coming in the day. It turns out that she has a sort of unique schedule for a first-years student because her first classes are not until nine or later. Usually, I am seeing a lot of first-year students in the 8 a.m. classes. During this Rolling Registration time I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of students getting their first college schedule and it is enjoyable seeing their anticipation of those first classes grow as they take home that calendar for the week that tells them when they are in the classroom and when they might have time for some lunch, or for some library time or when they will have classes over for the day so they can get to practice, rehearsal or even their part-time jobs.

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