Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coker Grad Headlining Iris Festival in Sumter, SC

Becki McLeod entertained Coker College audiences in several performances while a student on campus. My Google Alert just came up with an article showing that she is headling the Iris Festival in her hometown of Sumter, SC.

This is an excerpt from that article that talks about Becki McLeod, who now lives in Nashville, Tn. While I am not positive, I believe she was a Musical Theater major:

He said this year there are also many local bands or bands with local ties, like Becki McLeod, who grew up in Sumter and is headlining on Saturday.

McLeod said she is glad to have the chance to come and play for her hometown crowd.

"I'm just thrilled to come home and share what I've been doing with all these people," she said.

McLeod moved to Nashville, Tenn., about five years ago after graduating from Coker College in Hartsville, and though she said she comes home fairly often she doesn't get to really show her music off because she doesn't have her band with her.

"We don't get an opportunity to showcase what I've been doing for the last five years," McLeod said.

McLeod said she and the band play a wide variety of music, from country to classic rock to some of her original songs, which she hopes to play a bit of at the festival.

"People know my face and they know my name but (this is) actually getting them familiar with what my music is," she said.

McLeod and her band are the final act on Saturday, May 23, at 7:30 p.m. at the Garden Street Stage.

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