Friday, June 14, 2013

The Cookie Connection at Coker College

Barbara Steadman, who is our medial relations expert at Coker College, is a long-time relationship builder. She has brought her tradition of Friday home-baked cookies to the Coker campus. Every Friday morning she introduces the cookies of the day in a cute email connected to something, somehow germane to the time. She invites people from around the campus to come for the Friday cookie fix and to share some of "shat's happening" in their worlds.

Barb has a great system here for building relationships and for getting the word and I often use it in class as a "how to" example for increasing the seendipity that comes in chance meetings that do not always have to be 'chance."

Barb, thanks for the cookies. For others, today's cookies were in honor of Flag Day (June 14) ans were the old American staple of chocolate chip -- I believe she had three kinds of chocolate chips.


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  2. hi my name is raia and i am one of your fans i love you guys and those cookies look delicous