Friday, December 2, 2011

It;s READING DAY at Coker College

Today is the day before exams begin.

For professors it is sort of deep breath type of day as we understand the teaching part of the semester is over and now we get to do what they pay us for - Grade. Back in my other job the company pilots would often comment that they flew the planes for free, they were paid for the waiting. On campus, the teaching and learning is the fun part -- grading is the chore.

My celebration of the end of the semester meant that when 5 a.m. came this morning I rolled over and fought to stay in bed and asleep until 6:15 -- so the morning walk was in the daylight for the first time in months. And, I did not get to work until about 8:10 -- no 8 a.m. speech class this morning.

Coker's reading day has been introduced by a tradition called the Late Night Breakfast. Photos with today's blog show some of the "breakfast" scenes. Faculty and Staff do the cooking and serving and students do the eating and talking. (if it were not for the great ARAMARK staff help we would not be able to do this.) The breakfast feeds a lot of students, who are trying to get their minds around the papers still due the exams that begin Saturday morning and their hundred-other last minute things to do before semester ends and grades are posted. Not sure this is a perfect analogy but from a student perspective it is a lot like the final meters of the 10K -- a lot of energy still to be expended.


  1. Steve Terry, Vice President of Student Services at Coker put out this thank you to those working the Late Night breakfast. I thought I would take the liberty of using it as a comment to the blog: He notes that Fred Edinger, whose photo is above, has been doing these since the first one:

    Just a note to thank each of you for your time and culinary talents last night for our late night breakfast. You were a part of a record making evening as we set a new Late Night Breakfast record with no less than 269 students served. I know our students had a great time and in observing our faculty and staff, I think we all enjoyed the evening as well.

    I also want to thank Tom and Kristen with Aramark (and their staff) who made our jobs easier but know we certainly made their jobs more difficult! I also want to acknowledge Fred Edinger. Fred has been doing Late Nights since the very 1st one that was done which I think was back in 1981 or 1982. This one was probably his last Late Night so Fred, many thanks for all you have done with this event. I was also witness to the “passing of the biscuit torch” from Fred to Alexa Bartel as she will now lead the biscuit and bacon efforts in the future. Also, Dr. Parkinson was awarded the “dirtiest apron” award. It will be presented Sunday night in Orlando at the SACS Conference.

    Again, many thanks


  2. Yum!! The Late Night Breakfast was always one of my favorite traditions at Coker! My friends and I would line up an hour early just to be some of the first in line! I don't miss the exams but the Late Night Breakfast was always something to look forward to!