Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coker College Cobras are Soccer Champs

Conference Champions -- The Coker College Cobra Men's Soccer Team

Eric, keeping the ball away...

Noah (21) hit the game winning goal!

Dr. Cathy Cuppett sitting behind her roast of the Bobcats as the game began.

Coker was ranked Number One in the Southeast and fifth in the nation in Division 2 and it looks like they should move up to Number One as the NCAA Regionals take shape. Coker knocked off the only conference team to beat them this year with a 1-nil victory over Lees McRae on Sunday afternoon. Noah Lassell put in the game winner from about thirty yards out in an amazing play.

There is no question that an athletic Conference Championship electrifies the campus. Dr. Robert Wyatt, who is at as many games as he can make, was joined this afternoon by every stakeholder group in the Coker Community from Mayor Mel Pennington to alumni soccer players to Coker staff, Coker faculty, Coker retirees and most importantly STUDENTS and more STUDENTS.

Go Cobras -- Now let's win the NCAA Tournament!!


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