Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mitch and his falcon in S.C. Living

The bird man from South Carolina Living on Vimeo.
Mitch Brantley is part of the Coker College community. If you look around the campus and find yourself commenting on what a beautiful place it is, you will then not have to look too far before finding Mitch and some of his colleagues as they work on the landscaping and other items that make this one of the most beautiful campuses in South Carolina. And, Mitch has some interesting activities that are part of his life away from the campus.

The imbedded video from South Carolina Living gives you a quick idea of his falconry expertise. They make a special note as to how falconry is more a way of life than a hobby. But, that does not mean Mitch does not have some hobbies. As him sometime, How many ringers in a row? He is a very competitive in horseshoe tourneys and you can sometimes watch that expertise at Byerly Park in Hartsville, where there is a modern competition site.

The Coker College campus is full of interesting individuals contributing in so many different ways to one of the most vibrant learning communities you will find.

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