Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation today - could it be you?

There is a strong group of people who in just an hour or two are going to be Coker College graduates. As one of their instructors, I want to again say congratulations.

As I thought about this ceremony, I also thought of a nephew who is just graduating from college this year in Illinois. "It took me longer than most," he wrote on his Facebook page, "But I am doing it." Mark has children, he is not a traditional student but he persisted and got his degree.

I am wondering about those in today's audience at Coker. I will bet there are some moms, dads, husbands and wives of some of these grads who are saying, 'Man, I wish I could get my college degree." At the risk of being a bit crass on this celebratory day, the answer to that wish is YOU CAN. Coker College has an exciting program for students who cannot attend during the day. Many of today's graduates will be happy to tell you how you can realize that dream. And, my bet is they will not mince their words when they tell you it takes work, sacrifice and a bit of bravery. Today, they will also tell you how much it means to accomplish this goal.

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