Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr Ron Carter on CNN

The former provost of Coker College, Dr. Ron Carter, was on CNN recently discussing some of the critical needs of education. He gave a critical endorsement for something I spend some time with -- Media Literacy, but he also added important thoughts to critical discussion of holistic education. It was interesting listening to this interchange. Dr. Carter, who is president of Johnson C. Smith University, may quickly find himself a spokesperson for those who strongly believe that our education solution starts early and must be fully integrated into the lives of our children. He did not discount potential areas for strengthening but he does put responsibility on parents.

Side Note: Someone a couple of years my senior wanted to know what I find Facebook of value. This is one of those concrete examples. Ashley Grau, a former student, had picked up this link and posted to Facebook -- I had not seen it. Now I have seen it and am able to share it and that shows some of the value of Facebook.

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