Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day of Service including Coker Students

On NPR there was this echo of a bell ringing -- noting the time the first plane hit the Twin Towers nine years ago. As the van turned the corner, the eyes spotted a group of students waiting to board a bus -- heading out to a community service project in the Hartsville area. When 9-11 happened, many of the Coker students heading out for today's "Day of Service" projects were nine and eight years old. But their memories hold the images and much of who they are and what they believe were shaped by those horrible hours nine years ago.

Dean Umfress and Dean Small came up with the idea of using both the First-Year experience classes and other Coker student volunteers to become part of the "Day of Service" that has been called as a reminder of the 9-11 experience. Right at 200 students are participating in today's projects, which were a major logistical feat.

Today's community service, in memory of the 9-11 events, is just one way Coker is working to be a highly visible member of Hartsville, SC -- one of South Carolina's 'College Towns.'

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