Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vicki leaves today for retirement

Vicki Eaddy is retiring today after working as a secretary for three of Coker's presidents and for all of Coker's people. She will be missed because she was one of the representatives of this Coker culture that provides such a positive experience for all who become part of this community -- in whatever capacity.

I get to teach a course, in fact it is coming up this next semester, in Organizational Communication. The course is a lot about organizational culture, which tends to influence the communication flow. People within the organization who reflect the culture and values that the organization feels at its core are so valuable. For Coker, Vicki is one of those people. She is caring. She is friendly. She gets things done. She understands there is more than one way to accomplish an objective. She likes people and most importantly likes to see people succeed. She also has worked to help other people succeed. Each organization seems to have a limited number of people who fully embody the organization's values and that is one reason the words, Vicki will be missed are certainly not empty. Vicki has been fully present with the Coker community from sharing Crew Race celebrations with her grandchildren to the confidential business of running the office of the President.

So, today is Vicki's graduation from Coker (see photo) but we are hoping she will continue to be part of the campus community for years to come.

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  1. Congratulations and goodbye to Vicki!! She's such a wonderful person, definitely impacted my experience at Coker a great deal! She truly enjoys helping people! I'm sure she will continue to be present in the Coker community!