Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coker people are traveling in Paris

There is a good size contingent of Coker people in Paris right now. They are doing a two-week study abroad. All of what I know about the trip is from Facebook. So,what do I know?

First, it has been cloudy and rainy for most of their trip and from the looks of the pictures -- it is cool to cold. Everyone is wearing hats and seems bundled in heavy coats.

Second, students really will go to Paris and then head to McDonalds for McNuggets. And, then, they will even put that photo online.

Third -- When dancers, and artists and historians mix on the trip everyone seems to get much more from the experience than they ever imagined.

There is another group from Coker in Ireland now too but I have not yet heard about any of their experiences. I know they will come back steeped in Irish literature.

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