Thursday, March 25, 2010

KIVA cofounder tells her story to Coker College Community

Inauguration Week at Coker College has been highlight after highlight and the Lois Walters Coker Lecturer Jessica Jackley, co-founder of KIVA made a dynamic presentation that truly demonstrated the theme of this week. Dr. Robert Wyatt, who is being inaugurated as the 16th President of Coker College on March 26, adopted the theme of "redefining ready" for the Inauguration Week. This is the way the theme is described: "Preparing our students for the world as it was, or even as it is, does them a serious disservice. We have to help them to succeed regardless of what the future brings. We have to Redefine Ready. Instead of our graduates wondering, "Am I ready for the real world?" we want them asking, "Is the real world ready for me?"

Jessica Jackley is one of those people making a difference in the world today who could have asked that question. Her KIVA organization is "Changing Lives One Loan at a Time." We will link KIVA so you can learn more. But, Ms Jackley's presentation is educational, energetic and empowering. One person can make a difference!

Photo One -- Jessica Jackley, left, talking with Becky Sullivan, student body president, Steve and Paula Terry.
Photo Two -- View of the stage as Dr. Will Carswell welcomes the speaker on behalf of the Coker Faculty.

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