Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graduate Students shares some ideas with Coker Communication Seminar

Tyson Thompson, a 2008 graduate of Coker College with a major in communication, visited the campus on March 29th and shared some information about Graduate School with members of the Coker Communication Senior Seminar. Tyson talked about his Sport Management Program at West Virginia University, one of the top ranked in the USA. He talked to the class about internships that were important to getting him into the program as well as some of the interesting things he has been able to work on as part of the WVU program. This was part of the "Morrie" section of this seminar. That is when people from outside come in and share ideas, experiences and often life insights with the students. Tyson is in the same age group as my students and I think his experience with graduate school did provide some insights for the class.

Seems that the Blogger program is not allowing photos today so I will post this without the photo. The students and I really appreciate the time that people give to this section of the class and Tyson's talk was right on target.

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