Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prospective Students

Really enjoy talking to prospective students about the opportunity of joining the learning community at Coker College. Coach Dave had a recruit and his parents in from Miami on Sunday and I got to talk with them about academics, classes, etc. Coker is a subject, like Hartsville, that I enjoy talking about. Our small campus, like our small city, can be one of THE right places for people. As we leaving the discussion my major advice to the student was to go with his gut as he looks at colleges. If the school feels right then you will have motivation to make it right. If it does not feel right there really is no reason to pressure yourself into a situation that does not feel like you. In higher education there are a lot of choices. For many, Coker could be THE right choice and I enjoy sharing information with students that can help them see the possibilities.

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