Thursday, November 6, 2008

Important ambassadors on campus today...

Got to meet a large number of a group called the Coker College Board of Visitors this morning at Coker. These are a group of College friends who play a crucial ambassadorial role for the college in Hartsville and in communities around the State. Their involvement in the college, while often low key, is one of those important details that is important to the growth and success of this small, liberal arts college. I got to talk about how the Selling Hartsville project on which we have been working in the city connects to the growth of the college. One of the real fun things about today's presentation was that Stacie Fields, who works as an intern with me at The Byerly Foundation, talked with the Board of Visitors about some of the many activities in which she has been involved with the Selling Hartsville effort. I am thinking the B of V got a pretty strong picture of how community building in Hartsville and the activities of Coker are closely tied together. It was an honor being asked to speak on the Selling Hartsville project and a real pleasure to watch Stacie do such a good job on her side of the presentation.

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