Friday, November 21, 2008

Food on the left, Drink on the right

So, there is a Coker Winter Formal tonight. And, as I was going through papers on my much too papered desk, there was a handout on “Most admired and respected behaviors.” I have used this often in the Organizational Communication Class but it is also some information that many times we just forget. So, from way back in 2001 – Table Manners:
The Fork goes on the LEFT

The Spoon and knife go on the RIGHT
FOOD items go on the left (Your bread plate is to your left)
Drink items go on the right (Your glasses and coffee cup are on your right)
When to start eating? The answer here is when two people to your left and right have been served you may start eating. What if others have been served and they are waiting for you? Then, encourage them to begin eating.
I am always forgetting the above so I figured as the holiday season approaches it is a good timing reminder. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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