Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Classes of the Semester at Coker College

This week is almost over when it comes to classes. And, it is only Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday are the last days of the semester for Coker College's Spring 2012. This morning is the final class for PR Writing and we are going to be finishing up with a news release about graduation.

As we go into the final class I got an infographic from a blogger at frugaldad that pertains to the class. It has to do with keeping a camera handy so that you can always grab the news. In today's fast-changing world it is important for communicators to keep the technology close at hand. This particular infographic touts the strength of the smart phone as the technology that can go everywhere and it also points out the changes that have happened in photography since the introduction of the smart phone camera technology. Lots of converged journalism operations have begun using this type of technology.

An interesting thing about this week is that just yesterday I had a request from a person for a recommendation for one of the students in this class. Talk about just-in-time education. Sure hope that inquiry turns into a job - the same hope I have for the other seniors who will be graduating from Coker on May 5.

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