Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coker Marcom student hear of "real world"

Suzy Fielders, a Coker graduate in communication came down from Winston-Salem, NC, to talk with the students about her life after Coker, which has included both graduate school and the working world. She is now with the Hays Group as a marketing person and has also opened her own Agency "Across the Horizons.

Jeanne Cerquone Yohn, who is the Glaxo Smith Kline in their executive communication area told members of the Coker College Marketing Communication class about the wide variety of opportunities that are available to communication majors. She has worked with a television station, a newspaper, trade publication, medical journal and now with a global company.Her daughter Hailey is a first-year student at Coker and a member of the Coker Women's basketball team.

Professionals give students an expanded view

As a Coker College instructor I am particularly grateful to people who will join our class to share some of their insights about how the "real world" works. Students also seem to really appreciate this expanded view and often spend more time after class getting additional conversation with the outside speakers.One of the projects on which the students are working is a marketing communication plan for the Inn and Scott Gupton of the Landmark has been to talk with the class on a couple of occasions.