Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Día de los Muertos On the Coker College Campus

Tuesday night provided one of those other interesting reasons to be part of a college campus. Coker Professor Don-Mac Williams, Spanish, hosted a special November 2, 2010 Dia de los Muertos event campus with the assistance of the Coker College Union and the International Student Organization. (May have been some others too)

It was an amazing turnout for this first-ever celebration with a good mix of people from the community joining with students and a few faculty and staff from the college. "This is really a great turnout," observed Don Mac as looked at all the people enjoying tacos, and other treats in the chilly high 50 temperatures. For Same Kemmerlin, of the Coker College Union, this was the second event he had helped set up in the last few days. For Halloween he and others from the Coker CCU also did a Zombie Walk on the campus.

As we publicize Hartsville we talk about the city and The Art of Good Living. Our secondary tagline is "Expect Pleasant Surprises." I would bet if you ask any of the many who were there, they will tell you that Dia de los Muertos was an early November pleasant surprise on the Coker Campus.

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