Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon -- what is all the noise?

Sunday afternoon -- good time to get caught up on some grading. In the Performing Arts building today (January 18) there are at least three other faculty members doing the same thing.

And, coming through the walls of this office is some rhythmic pounding and periodic shouts along with sounds of energetic exertion. This time of year the dancers are getting ready for the February concert. One group is going to be performing a piece by choreographer Amy Marshall that is exciting to watch and a test of endurance for the performers. The dancers break from rehearsal working hard to catch their breath and standing in line for some water. The dance is strenuous and requires being in shape so Sunday afternoons aren't for lying around for this group of students. If this video works, you can see small piece of the rehearsal.

Also on this Sunday afternoon there was a rehearsal for Monday evening's "Faces of Love" vocal recital that will feature mezzo-soprano Britnee Siemon and pianist Lucinda Shields. This recital will be January 19 in the Hannah Lide Coker Recital Hall in the Music Building on campus.

As I sit here going over stories from the Writing for the Media class I am wondering what else might be happening on this campus. Seems that when I came in there were sounds from the gym that sounded like basketball might also be happening.

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