Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday afternoon on the Coker campus

And there is a body out in the middle of the road leading to Davidson Hall with crowd gathered and someone waving an oar like a scythe. It must be Halloween weekend and a group of students must be creating their own Halloween Horror video -- you have to enjoy working on a college campus.(turns out this scene is an assignment for Stage Movement class and the "director" has recruited some younger people who thought it would be really interesting to be playing Zombies on the Coker campus.)

As I open the doors to the building housing my office there are orchestral sounds wafting through the halls as the musicians playing for the next Coker production -- Charlie Brown -- are getting familiar with the score.

Another group of students were loudly cheering on the Coker College volleyball team as they get close to the end of their regular season and as I put up a little weight I was joined by a couple of baseball players in the weight room. And, as we lifted Ty called out to one of the girls passing through, "good luck in the game." She is a soccer player heading to the training room to get taped.
And as this day progresses the Halloween fun will get more diverse and more intense as there are trick or treat parties and a costume party in the den, costume competition at the soccer games. And, the soccer game this evening will determine if the Coker Cobras take first place in their division of Conference Carolinas -- the Coker men have had a superior season but every match is competitive and St. Andrews would like nothing more to upset the Coker bandwagon.

A college campus is just an interesting place to be -- about every day!

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