Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Totally 80s Homecoming Theme


Zumba photos by Sarah Folsom


Homecoming Events for the 2011 Fall Semester at Coker College are in full swing. Glow-in-the-dark Zumba kicked off Homecoming on Sunday night and on Monday Coker women competed in Powder Puff football.

And, at the Marion campus, Jamie Thomas, who is coordinator of the Marion/Mullins Coker campus, scheduled a Homecoming event for the adult students at that location that featured a current student and two former students discussing the difference the Coker College ALPHA (adult learner) program has made in their lives. One graduate told of being in graduate school and having the instructor discuss the research component of the class. She told the group how prepared she felt and that she was because of the faculty at the Marion/Mullins site. Thomas told the students, who gathered between their first and second session classes, that he wanted some Homecoming events at Marion so they could see and feel what it means to be part of Coker College. Barbara Jackowski, coordinator of the Coker Alpha program, also spoke, telling the audience that seeing them move their Coker years is a dream of hers as an adult-learning educator.

Lecture Series --
Tuesday evening the college is featuring the annual Lois Coker Walters lecture with Harvard Professor Dr. D. N. Rodowick speaking on the The (Fading)/(Future) Memory of Film.

The Homecoming events for current students and alumni continue throughout the week.

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