Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When the job needs doing, the job needs doing

So a colleague is happening through one of the buildings on campus as she gets ready to join a Search Committee meeting. Ooooooh, she grimaces as she observes a classroom in the building. She was certain that classroom needed painting and after visiting with several people on campus -- in the know -- struck a deal and she spent quite a few hours helping paint the classroom that she thought needed painting. A few years ago the Mayor of Hartsville when talking at civic club meetings would say, 'You know, one thing that makes Hartsville different from a lot of cities -- we have a lot of people here who will tell you the trees need to be watered (that doesn't make us different.) What makes us different is they will tell you the trees need water and then they will find a way to get water to the trees. Coker has people like that -- people who recognize that things need doing and then jump in to do them. And, when you have a former chair of the faculty senate and the current chair of the faculty senate applying paint to the walls, you being to understand the concept of team. In a couple of days that classroom is going to look good and several people will have made that happen!

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