Monday, December 8, 2008

In time for Christmas - A Centennial History

So, I got to thinking the other day that if you were getting presents for someone with Coker Connections, this new book by Dr. Malcolm C. Doubles, "IN QUEST OF EXCELLENCE, A History of Coker College on its Centennial" would be an excellent choice.
1 -- The book is high quality -- table-top in stature with a quality binding
2 -- Full of interesting things that cover the breath of the 100-year history
-- the role of Major Coker in founding the college and sustaining the mission
-- the Coker football team (page 204)
-- the Coker College uniform (page 27)

For an organization to continue its quest for excellence over the period of 100 years it has to have changed. Dr. Doubles writes about some of the changes that were required. His Coker history shows the college's path in this continuing quest for excellence has at times been rocky (Chapter 6). But, as W. Edward Demmings has observed, "You don't have to change, survival is not mandatory." Those who loved and love Coker want survival to be mandatory and they helped managed the change to get us to this vibrant 'Academy' we have today.

The book is published by the Coker College Press and the initial cost on signing day was $50. So, not only is the book a perfect Coker-type present but for its quality it is also very affordable. You can probably find out more about ordering by calling James Jolly at Coker, 843-383-8018.

I am going to try putting in this video from Dr. Doubles. He and his wife Jackie are leaving the Hartsville community this coming week. I asked him about his time at Coker and if there was a memory that stood out. Sound is not great but his general reply is how he found Coker a fun place to work.

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